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"Some life stories are too important to be relegated to dusty history books . . . Dovey Johnson Roundtree lived that large and remarkable a life."
Associated Press

Mighty Justice is the story of one woman’s walk toward a greater justice.


  • Alone, Dovey Roundtree defied World War II military segregation in a high-risk showdown with her Army superiors.

  • As a new attorney, she wrested a 1955 Jim Crow bus travel ban from the staunchly segregationist Interstate Commerce Commission. 

  • The summer Watts burned, she took on the federal government in her successful defense of the Black man accused of murdering an outspoken JFK mistress with CIA ties. 

In her half century at the bar and in the vanguard of women in the pulpit, Dovey shattered barrier after barrier while the male-dominated power structure – even within the civil rights movement – did its best to ignore her.


Mighty Justice, the product of a 12-year collaboration between Dovey Roundtree and National Magazine Award winner Katie McCabe, rights that wrong.

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Dovey on the Law

"Like its author, Mighty Justice is many things at once. It is a call to arms for those who refuse to allow the nation to be dragged back into the dark days of segregation and blatant injustice. It is a how-to guide for those already performing freedom work. For those who are tired and discouraged, it is a rousing reminder that change will come for those who are persistent. For those who know little about the route from the hard-won battle to end American apartheid, in your hand is an education." 

Tayari Jones, New York Times bestelling author of American Marriage, from the Foreword to Mighty Justice. 

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