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Academic Accolades for Dovey Roundtree's Story

“Humanizes the raw emotions of thousands of early twentieth century achievers…living the dreams of the entire African American community [and]…enhances our understanding of the importance of storytelling as biography.”


Association of Black Women Historians, Citation of the Judges, Letitia Woods Brown Memorial Book Award

“Dovey Johnson Roundtree was my hero.  As a young public defender, I watched with amazement her great work in the Superior Court of the District of Columbia....This book is not only a great read but a must read. I recommend it to anyone thinking about justice or trying to overcome the challenges they face.”

Charles J. Ogletree, Jr., Professor Emeritus, Harvard Law School

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“It is exhausting, scary and difficult, in these troubled times, to incline students’ heads toward social justice work. They need to know, always, that someone has come before, that they’re not out there alone, that it is possible to do this work and survive.  Mighty Justice sustains me as a teacher and scholar and lifts my students to that higher ethical ground that Dovey Johnson Roundtree occupied.”

Sharon P. Holland, President-elect, American Studies Association; Professor, American Studies Department, UNC Chapel Hill

“American history and human history at its best”

The late Walter J. Leonard, former Associate Dean, Harvard Law School

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"In her over 50 years as a lawyer and minister, Dovey Roundtree saw the urgent need for creating a legacy that could be passed on to the next generation. Mighty Justice provides an entry point for students into a broad range of subjects, including civil rights history, legal history, and Black mentorship."

          Janet Sims-Wood, Assistant Chief Librarian (retired), Moorland Spingarn Research Center, Howard University 

"Mighty Justice . . . is highly recommended for all who want a deeper understanding of the roles of the church and religion, court decisions and the law, and women and the military in the civil rights movement. Dovey Roundtree's voice is unforgettable and the written word by writer Katie McCabe is remarkable." 

                Dorothy Drinkard-Hawkshawe, Professor (retired), Department of History,

East Tennessee State University

“[Dovey Roundtree's] story...shines bright as a reminder of the quality of life that is instructive for all, no matter what their background or circumstances. Hers is a mighty story indeed.”

Stephanie Y. Evans, Director, Institute for Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies,

Georgia State University

“For Dovey Roundtree, the Biblical command to ‘be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong, do everything in love’ was the natural way that a social engineer conducted business as a lawyer and as a minister.  For our current students, Dovey Roundtree’s life clearly shows that a social engineer can promote and advocate for social justice in different capacities…to create a system and a profession that is all-inclusive and allows all to thrive.”

Okianer Christian Dark, Professor, Howard University Law School

"Teachers and public historians will find Mighty Justice to be an invaluable and accessible resource for American history, women's studies, and African American studies curricula." 

Patricia Bell-Scott, Professor Emerita, University of Georgia

"Dovey Roundtree's understanding of the human condition will inspire and motivate. With the assistance of Katie McCabe, her story is told in beautifully crafted language and is a must-read for anyone interested in the struggle for justice and the spiritual strength needed to survive in an oppressive world."

Tiffany Ruby Patterson, Associate Professor, African American and Diaspora Studies,

Vanderbilt University

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